With New Year’s Eve looking a lot different to normal years in 2020, we thought we’d put together a fun True or False questions game that you can play over Zoom for a virtual New Year’s Eve Party get-together.

All you need is a pen and paper to write your answers down!

1) Queer as Folk first aired on BBC 2 in the UK?

2) The first-ever gay hardcore porn to be released in the UK was in 2004?

3) Homosexuality became legal in the UK in 1969 the same year as the Stonewall Riots?

4) There have been 4 LGBT+ winners of Big Brother in the UK?

5) To the nearest million how much did The Birdcage starring Nathan Lane and Robin Williams gross world-wide a) $1,240,000 b) $12,400,000 c) $124,000,000?

6) According to a poll conducted by THEGAYUK, what percentage of British Gay men, said they were comfortable being called “Queer” was it a) 7% b) 60%?

7) There are 9 stripes in the original Gilbert Baker rainbow flag?

8) The World AIDS Day Red Ribbon was first seen in 1990?

9) The Conservative party ended Section 28 in England and Wales?

10) One of the UK’s most prominent LGBT+ activists, Peter Tatchell will be 70 in 2021?

11) WHAM’s “Last Christmas” has been a Number 1 three times since its release in 1984?

12) Idina Menzel sings ‘let it go’ 21 times in ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen?

13) The first Prowler store opened in 1997?

14) In 2016 Prince Harry made history by becoming the first Royal to be a cover star of a gay magazine?

15) The most used emoji on Grindr is 🔥?

16) Grindr was launched in what year?

17) The average length of an erect penis in the UK is 5.5 inches?

18) There are just under 90 prides in the UK?

19) Will & Grace had how many episodes a) 180 b) 300 c) 246?

20) Sam Smith has had a Christmas number 1?

21) The Spice Girls had 6 number ones?

22) To the nearest million how many calls has the LGBT+ Switchboard charity taken since it opened in 1974?

23) What year did Attitude Magazine launch?

24) What did Juno and X Men star Mr Page change his name to in 2020?

25) G-A-Y was once held in a disused West-End Theatre?

26) Manchester’s famous gay village, made famous by QAF is called Canal Street?

27) Elton John came out as gay in 1976?

28) LGBT people have been able to marry in England since 2013?

29) LGBT people have been able to marry in Northern Ireland since 2014?

30) The Arctic and Antarctic celebrated their first-ever Pride in 2020?


1) False it aired on Channel 4 in 1999.

2) True, up until 2004 the only gay porn allowed to be produced in the UK was softcore porn

3) False it was actually decriminalised in the UK two years before the Stonewall Riots in the US.

4) True. The first was Brian Dowling, followed by Nadia Almada, then Luke Anderson, the final series was won by Cameron Cole

5) c

6) a) 60% of people said it was “unacceptable”

7) False, there are 8. Hot Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Royal Blue, Purple

8) False it was 1991 when the Red Ribbon made its debut

9) False it was under Tony Blair’s Labour which ended Section 28.

10) False he will actually be 69 in January 2021

11) False Despite it’s popularity, Last Christmas has never been a UK number 1

12) True – she sings it 21 times!

13) True it opened in 1997

14) False it was actually his brother, Prince William

15) False it’s actually the 🍆

16) It was launched in 2009

17) True. According to stats released in 2015, the average erect penis is 5.5 inches in the UK – apparently in the US, it’s 5.2 inches!

18) False at last count there were over 152 prides in the UK

Mr. Man

19) B 246 episodes over 11 seasons

20) True although it was part of an ensemble. Sam sung on Do They Know It’s Christmas Band Aid 30.

21) False they actually had 9.

22) 4 million calls or IM since 1974

23) Attitude launched in 1994

24) Elliot Page

25) True. G-A-Y club night was homed at the Astoria from 1976 – however it wasn’t called G-A-Y to begin with it was called Bang! and was started in the Astoria’s basement. In 1993 it moved upstairs and changed its name to G-A-Y.

26) True

27) False he actually came out as bisexual in 1976 and then came out as gay in 1988.

28) False, although the law was changed in 2013, the first marriages didn’t take place until early 2014.

29) False. because of the DUP gay people weren’t permitted to get married to someone of the same sex until 2020.

30) True. The Arctic and Antarctic celebrated the first Polar Pride Day, on 18 November.

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