What’s the best way to clean a Fleshjack or Fleshjack

how to clean a fleshjack or fleshlight

Make sure your fleshlight or fleshjack is ready for play by making sure you clean it properly.

If you’ve bought a FleshJack it’s probably become one of your favourite bedroom toys – of all time, but exactly how should you clean it and look after it?

If you want your FleshJack to be ready for action for a long time to come you’ll need to make sure you clean it and maintain it properly. So how exactly should you care for and clean your FleshJack? Getting your cleaning regime right will mean that you’ll get a lifetime of enjoyment out of your toy. It’s really quite easy, so here are the top 3 ways to care for your FleshJack or FleshLight.

1) Warm water. Once you’ve climaxed inside the toy, remove the inner sleeve and run it under warm water. Use only clean fresh water. The material will not react very well with most cleaning products. However, there is a specific FleshWash made for the toy called FleshWash.

If you need a tough clean, then you could use isopropyl alcohol. Give it a good clean through.

cleaning a fleshjack or fleshjack

2) Drain it out. Let the water drain from the inside by shaking the toy over a draining board or sink. Let the sleeve dry out completely. This can take some time. You can help the drying process along by getting yourself a flute care kit!

Simply, hook a dry cloth to the pole and give the inside of the toy a good drying. Be careful not to rip in the sides. Otherwise, you can leave it to drip dry on a towel on a draining board or in your sink. Don’t put the skin back into the hard case whilst it’s still wet.

cleaning a fleshjack or fleshjack

3) Keep it supple. Once it’s completely dry you’ll want to ensure that the skin stays soft and supple. You can use cornstarch or cornflour or this Fleshlight Powder Feed to keep it silky smooth. If you don’t use a powder the toy could start to feel less soft and perhaps even slightly tacky. Don’t use talcum powder.

If you’re looking for a top tip so that you don’t have to clean your jizz from inside the toy, simply wear a condom!

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You’ll still need to use lube though. Don’t forget only to use waterbased lubes with your Fleshjack. Don’t use oil-based lubes otherwise you will destroy the sleeve skin.

4) Keep it in its case. It will help protect the inner material. But make sure it’s really dry before re-inserting.

cleaning a fleshjack or fleshjack

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