If you’ve not had snow yet this year, power bottom John Thomas has the perfect solution for you… plus it’s much much warmer.

The TimTales exclusive took to Instagram to show off his substitution – white bedding.

He told his fans, “Top tips for creating a winter wonderland in isolation? White bedding makes an excellent substitute for snow, and wearing your favourite red and white underwear helps you feel festive 🎄 

Usually, fans of John see him in the buff on the set of TimTales or on his own platform, however for this picture he was wearing a stunning pair of red PUMP underwear, He told his 50,400 fans, “I’m wearing my new @pumpunderwear jockstrap from @bestgay.life – a great monthly underwear subscription service, that finances an excellent lifestyle blog and podcast @spectrumlgbtq 

Mr. Man

We kinda wanna join John and make some bedding angels…

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