Is it us or does Olivier Robert have the most flexible dingdong?

Olivier Robert has an exceptionally flexible banana… There we said it.

We were just perusing Cocky Boy’s latest scene featuring their exclusive model Olivier Robert and Skyy Knox and we couldn’t help but notice that Olivier seems to have the world’s most flexible cock.

Now we’re no stranger to the flexibilities of a cock or two, particularly when they’re in their resting state and completely love guys who can windmill, but when the peen is erect there’s only so much flexibilty it should have… you know if you bend it too much and you can snap it!


Anyway, get a load of how flexible Olivier’s dong is… Can yours do this when it’s erect?

Mr. Man

Olivier Robert’s cock at 45 to 180 degrees

olivier robert

Anyway, you can see more of Olivier and Skyy over at

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