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Rikers 2.0 Locking Chastity Cage


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Remind your slave that his cock belongs to you with a chastity device that you can keep him locked in for as long as your heart desires!

Your pathetic fuck boy will be completely unable to touch that dick or achieve an erection, desperately trapped in the hard plastic cage. Made with absolutely no metal, this simple device features a clever internal locking mechanism. With three rings to choose from, you can start big for comfort or just pick the ring you want him to suffer in! The cage and ring connect and lock together with the included key. Your submissive will be entirely at your mercy!

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After all, your pleasure is all that matters. A cum-through hole at the tip will allow him to urinate and, if you allow it, even cum if he can manage it. You’ll be able to keep him under lock and key for ages! The unique plastic locking system makes this device discreet while travelling, going through metal detectors and security.

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