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The D Double Dippin D Firmskyn Vanilla


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If you know you enjoy DP (thats double penetration in case you didnt know), or want to experiment with an ultimate sensation that provides deep fullness and stimulation, this double dildo is an excellent choice. The thin cock is for anal penetration, while the thicker cock is for vaginal pleasure. Enjoy the stimulation provided by the lifelike veins and balls; and the pronounced head will make you gasp for pleasure. The convenient suction cup allows you to adhere the dildo to any smooth surface, so you can control the penetration speed and intensity with ease. This also means you can have fun in the shower, kitchen… wherever you feel the urge.

buy squirting dildos

This dildo is make with FIRMSKYN™ PVC material, which is body safe and phthalate-free. It is a firmer material, so you can ride this dildo as hard as you want, and it will provide an incredibly intense sensation. Insertion length for both dildos is 5 inches; the thin dildo has a diameter of 1 inch, while the thick one has a diameter of 1.5 inches. This dildo is available in Vanilla and Caramel.

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