London is in Tier 4 lockdown and people are wondering whether getting your teeth whitening is essential.

Russell Tovey uploaded a picture on his Instagram account of him getting his teeth whitened at Dr R Marques dentist, which is in the heart of London, which is in Tier 4, which is England’s highest COVID tier. Only essential businesses are permitted to open in Tier 4. Personal services, such as hair salons, nail salons and beauty treatment centres are not permitted to open, however, dentists are permitted to remain open.

The picture caused a little controversy after a number of users questioned whether using a dentist to get your teeth whitened was “essential”.

Caspar Jopling questioned Russell by asking, “The real question is… is whitening your teeth “essential business”? Another user, Ash_hicks, echoed, “I’m sure that’s essential during tier 4 in London”

Another user questioned the current Tier 4 logic, saying “Whitening your teeth with a doctor you never met is allowed, but not eating somewhere.”

Mr. Man

What does the government say about dentistry in Tier 4?

During the early stages of lockdown in England at the beginning of 2020, many dentists were forced to shut for months on end, meaning that millions of people were left without access to dentists. Now even in Tier 4 dentists are permitted to remain open the Government has confirmed saying, “We are supporting the NHS to carry out urgent and non-urgent services safely, and it is vital anyone who thinks they need any kind of medical care comes forward and seeks help”.

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