He’s probably one of the most famous naked male bodies out there – including Tim Kruger and Michael Lucas and has been photographed way more times… but when some gay guys were asked about what they thought on David’s attractiveness there was one small thing people couldn’t put their finger on.

On Reddit, a poll directed at the askgaybros forum quizzed what its users thought of Michaelangelo’s David’s attractiveness. The question posed, was “ignoring his genitals, is David attractive?”

It’s hard not to look at a picture of a statue of David and not look at his junk, which compared to the rest of his physique is less impressive. No judgement of course. Whatever size you are is just perfect (and average cock size isn’t as big as you think it is).

The poll on Reddit as it turns out shows the majority of guys think that David is attractive. At the time of publishing, 781 saying that he is attractive (78%) with 217 (22 %) saying that he isn’t.

Now apparently, according to one user, throwaway17061, David was considered the “ideal male form of that era, including genitals”, whilst another remarking about the size of David’s dong, said, “I read somewhere that the genital is purposefully made smaller so that the art piece is not sexualized and mistaken for pornography. That way the observer can focus on the beauty of the male form as a whole.”

Well quite and that does lead then to the questions of porn vs art – and how and when do they intersect and do they. It’s one of the things we really try to focus on in our own print magazine. To capture photos of naked men, without the photos looking like a porn shoot is actually quite difficult, it turns out.

Is David Attractive?

Large cocks “obscene”

Apparently, large genitals from that era were considered “obscene”. User hungthick89 kicked in, “Greeks liked a huge ass, and a modest pee-pee. Large dicks were considered to belong to people of lower intellect, which is why the god of fools has a massive knob. An exposed glans was also considered rude. Athletes would tie strong around their foreskin and attach it to a waistband to keep the glans covered.”

And then there are David’s pubes. User as1156 remarked, “I know you said to ignore the genitals, but I don’t think I’ve seen pubes like that in real life.”

Mr. Man

True True.

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