Yep, there’s a cumface game

How many loads to the face can you take?

When we’re all able to be in one room again, when lockdowns and social distancing have finally eased it will be nice to squirt in someone’s face again – and thanks to this game, called imaginatively Cum Face you’ll be able to offload as many times as you want in one night.

Basically, you have to “pump” the dicks hard and fast until BAM… there’s an explosion of fake jizz all over the winner’s or loser’s face, depending on how you’re playing. Although isn’t a face full always a winner?

The creators have described it as the “perfect party piece for bachelor and bachelorette parties” and we can just imagine now, all those bachelors getting a face load. They love it.

It’s a two-player, but the fun doesn’t have to stop once you’ve dumped your load all over your face, no you can just keep on going.

So how do you play Cum Face? Well, the makers explain,

“The object of the game is to pump the penises as quickly as possible to be the first player to squirt their opponent in the face, or mouth, and be declared the fastest w@*ker. Then, pass it on to the next contenders.

Fill it up and start pumping, be quick though, or you’ll get a face full. Let the games begin”.

Mr. Man


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