Autoblow 2+ XT Machine Size C


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Autoblow A.I. Machine

Autoblow A.I.’s sleeve system lets you turn your blowjob machine into a sex machine by simply swapping sleeves.

Don’t like mouths Put in a vagina sleeve and enjoy the specially designed interior texture. Not a fan of the vagina

No sweat, pop in the tight smooth anus and do your anal thing.

All Autoblow A.I. sleeves are fully silicone, which means they feel just like flesh, are non-porous, are completely odorless, and will last a very long time.

Autoblow A.I. is currently the only sex toy for men utilizing real silicone sleeves and you’ll notice the difference immediately.

Make sure you purchase Autoblow Sleeve Renewing Powder and apply it every time you finish using your sleeve, after washing.

Mr. Man

It will help your sleeves stay silky smooth, just like new!

Select the A size for a thinner penis, B size for a regular penis (fits 80% of men), or a C size for an extremely girthy penis (only top 5% girth).

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