Me You Us Phoenix Renew Powder for Realistic Feel Toys


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Don’t you sometimes wish that pleasure could go on forever? Me You Us Phoenix Renewer Powder extends the lifespan of your lifelike toys, inviting you to enjoy them for longer. Thanks to the real-feel nature of your realistic toy, it does need a little extra TLC to keep it in tip-top condition. Our Me You Us Renew Powder keeps your lifelike toys fresh and feeling like new. It restores and renews their soft, supple feel and keeps them feeling incredible for longer. Renew Powder is simply sprinkled onto your toys after cleaning, giving them a longer lifespan, while freshening up the look and feel for lifelike pleasure that feels just as good as the first time.

Directions for use: Simply remove your toy from its case, if it has one, and clean it thoroughly. We recommend the use of Me You Us Spritz Toy Cleaner. Once it’s dry, sprinkle a dusting of Me You Us Renew Powder onto the surface. Store your toy in a safe place, ready to use!

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