Prowler Thunder Ball Leather Cleaner 25ml Tray (20 Bottles)



If you’re a fan of room aromas, you’ll love our extra strong Thunderball odouriser – now available at Prowler. Thunderball Aroma comes in a large 25ml bottle, ensuring that you’ve always got it on hand when you’re ready to play.

The extra strong formulation of the Thunderball Aroma never lets you down when you’re in the mood for intense pleasure and stimulation. Our Thunderball Aroma includes a Power Pellet – a ball bearing inside the bottle that gives it an extra boost – and is easy to use during solo fun or partner play. This aroma is perfect for added stimulation during pleasure and heightens your experience for more impact every time.

Please Note

Mr. Man
  • These products are meant solely for giving a room or space a pleasant aroma but should not be used by anyone with a heart condition.
  • These products can only be shipped to UK addresses and persons over the age of 18. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Contents are Highly Flammable. Do not leave open near a lit flame.
  • Contents are an irritant. Should you get any in your eye you should flush immediately with water.
  • Harmful if swallowed. If swallowed drink two glasses of milk or water, and seek medical advice. Avoid contact with skin.

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20 bottles


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