How to get semen stains out of towels and clothes

How to get semen stains out of towels and clothes

Semen spillage? Here’s how to get rid of that stain

It’s an awkward one, but how clean are your towels? Have you ever held them up to the light to see exactly how clean they are? If they’re white, you might be surprised to see a yellowy splodge if you’ve ever used it to mop up cum.

It’s pretty standard that after your man mayo explosion to reach for a towel or maybe a piece of clothing to clean up that spillage. However, if you don’t wash the item properly it could leave nasty off-white semen stains, which is particularly easy to spot on white clothes or towels.

How to get semen stains off clothing and towels

You might be tempted to stick your towel or offending clothing item along with the stain on a hot wash and pile in the washing powder, but actually, that’s the wrong thing to do and you could be making the cummy situation even worse.

Don’t use hot water

Don't use hot water to get rid of semen stains
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The best way to deal with semen stains, which is essentially a protein stain, is to wash at a low temperature, even just the cold wash, which is also great for using less electricity! So if you’re machine has temperature choices opt for the 30, 20-degree wash or cold if it has that setting. If you want to make sure that your whites stay perfectly white, you could also add a capful of bleach.

Hot water is just going to bake that stain in. Same if you also iron the item. Actually that the same for most of your bodies secretions, including sweat and blood, until the stain has completely gone, keep heat away.

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Use the right type of washing powder

You can use washing powder, ones that work best are ones that have enzymes in them (like bio) – although watch out because some people can have a skin reaction on biological washing powder.

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