Why we love the Eiffel Tower threeway position

eiffel tower view in foggy weather

The Eiffel Tower position “will create a bond and a physical connection” between the two unconnected people.

The Eiffel Tower three-way position is a true three-way position. In fact, you can only do it if there are three of you, but according to one sexpert, it’s more than just two tops high-fiving each other.

What is the Eiffel Tower Threeway position?

It’s true Paris, where the Eiffel Tower resides conjures images of romance, sensuality and sex so it’s only really natural that the world-famous landmark has become its own sex position – and it can be achieved by straight and gay people alike, all you need is three of you.

In reality, the Eiffel Tower position is a moment, a snapshot if you will, that is created in a threesome scenario, more specifically in the spit roast sex position, but with one extra element.

We’re all very used to seeing and looking at the Eiffel Tower in 2D, from a side view. Like this, you see two sides, wide at the bottom and meeting at the top and a lower cross-section, which braces the two sides together. When translated into human bodies, this is a man at either end (Tops) of the receptive partner (Bottom) who can be either a man or woman with that person’s hole engaged with the two Tops’ penises. Put simply, one guy is getting intercourse the other is getting oral.

Is the Eiffel Tower just high-fiving during sex?

how do you do the Eiffel Tower sex position?
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In order to make the pinnacle of the tower, the Tops basically, high five each other – creating a spire of sorts.

The great thing about the Eiffel Tower sex position is that everyone who is in the three-way gets to feel involved. Often, in a threesome situation, one person can feel left out of the action, however with this position, very much like the spitroast, is that everyone is getting something out of it.

The Eiffel Tower has gotten a little bit of a bad reputation over the years, because of its association with frat boys, but actually, it can be a lot more positive than that, explains Sexpert, Jack Devon. Speaking to THEGAYUK he said, “rather than high fiving the two tops could actually hold hands, or interlink their fingers, this will create a bond and a physical connection between the two men.

“Too often sex can become quite insular with guys just thinking about what’s happening right in front of them, this extra connection adds a little outside stimulus to bring you back in the room and engaged with everyone who is involved.”

Mr. Man

Did you know that the Eiffel Tower isn’t the only landmark with a sex position named after it? There’s also London Bridge – however, you’ll need at least four of you to make that position work – we’ll let you work it out.

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  1. I prefer the Sydney Opera House – 2 groups of three guys topping each other in a line, the middle positions getting the most out of it! 😉

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