Perez Hilton just gave us all an eyeful

To celebrate his 43rd birthday, Perez celebrated in his birthday suit

The internet’s most famous gossip just gave us all something to gossip about by getting starkers in his plunge pool – the reason? Well, it’s his 43rd birthday… that’s why.

Perez Hilton took to Instagram to show his fans a slow-mo video of him jumping out of the refreshing water, wearing absolutely nothing. The star even admitted that he was feeling “grateful” for getting older.

The internet star showed off a lot of skin in the video to celebrate his birthday. He told his fans that he felt, “spectacular”.

Captioning the video, Perez said, “Waking up on my 43rd birthday today and feeling… spectacular! So GRATEFUL to be getting older and happier!”

Many fans of the gossip, turned reality star, complimented him with the video attracting hundreds of comments within just a couple of hours.

Mr. Man

Some fans even questioned whether Perez was actually naked, asking if he was wearing a nude coloured G-String, which fans were quick to rule out, with one admitting that they had played the clip “over and over”.

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