One of those sexy kilted coaches reveal exactly what they wear under the kilt

We’ve gone definitive people.

Ever wondered what men wear under their kilts? the hunky Kilted Coaches reveal that it’s NOTHING. I mean, we’ve always suspected this to be the case… but seeing is believing as they say.

In a video version of their podcast, Kilted Coach, Steven Clark, had a bit of an “oops” moment when he managed to show the world his tackle as accidentally flashed the world his crown jewels and fans were very, very appreciative, with many commenting on how smooth he looked “down there”.

It wasn’t quite a Basic Instinct moment, but it was definitely getting there.

Also, the brief exposure didn’t seem to come as a shock to any of the viewers, with many remarking that this was the moment they were waiting for.

Enjoy the clip here.

Mr. Man

Wanna see more of the Kilted Coaches follow them on Twitter and to listen to their podcast click here.

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