So, if you’ve got dodgy knees but like the standard doggie position, you’ll know that being on all fours, if you’re the bottom, or kneeling behind your man, if you’re topping, can play havoc with your knees, especially if you’re in that position for an extended period of time. So here’s a little modification to try out, oh and pillows are your friend here!

So how do you do the Easy On The Knees Doggie?

Come to the edge of the bed and stack up pillows for your Bottom to lie face down on. Stack em nice and high so that his butt comes in direct line with the Top’s hips. Then spread your Bottom’s legs so you can gain access. Depending on how high your bed is will determine how many pillows and cushions you have to use.

You’ll need to hold up the Bottom’s legs and stand in between them, in a sort of wheelbarrow fashion.

To keep the strain out of your Bottom’s lower back and neck relax down into the pillows, even laying your head down on the bed so that your back and neck are completely straight and you’re not craning your neck.

This is different from doing the Stand Up Rear Entry as the Bottom doesn’t need to be bent over and you keep both of your hips in alinement, perfect if one of you is taller than the other.

As well as being gentle on the knees this position will give you a brand new perspective and view if you’re the Top. Also, it will give you a great range of mobility and you’ll be able to get a great rhythm going. If you’re the Bottom, you can take some time to relax, feel a different sensation of someone standing between your thighs and enjoy the full range of movement your Top now has.

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