DRAG RACE UK: Who is Veronica Green and where is she from?

Who is Veronica Green

Everything you need to know about Veronica Green ahead of the start of Drag Race UK on BBC 3.

How old is Veronica Green?

She is 34.

Can you tell us a bit more about where Veronica Green is from?

I’m originally from Rochdale in Lancashire, the home of Gracie Fields, and Lisa Stansfield. When it came to drag my hometown scene was dead, so I moved to London where I could really bring Veronica Green to life.

Who is Veronica Green?

When I was a little boy, my brother and I used to make our own comic books, and when our baby sister, Veronica, came along we were so jealous that we created a supervillain in our comic books and called her Veronica Green!

Unwittingly, my sister’s birth sparked off my drag persona!

She’s going to be mortified at all of this – I stole her prom dress and everything.

What’s your drag style?

I’m not one-note. Veronica is a sweet and innocent Lancashire rose, with many petals and a few little thorns. If you come to one of my shows, you’re going to get gorgeous, goofy and professional, multi-skilled and multi- layered.

As I’ve been a professional singer and actor for the past fifteen years, you will get live vocals and maybe even a bit of opera.

In real life, I’m very different to Veronica, I can be very socially awkward, always muddle up my words, and I’m not good with large groups. So, when I first started drag, I was too terrified to talk to the audience, but now, I like to interact, have fun and get to know them and I add a little dark side to everything that I do.

I like to Veronica to be kind and gentle, but with bite if necessary!

Who is your inspiration?

Cinema, supervillains, and femme fatales and musicals.

My number one reference is Wanda Woodward from Cry Baby. She is an idol to me. That character is how I see myself, but I know I’m not quite as sassy!

Why drag?

My drag can take me anywhere on my terms.

My background is musical theatre, I’ve been in Joseph and The Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat for about five years out of the past ten, but ultimately, I found musical theatre too restrictive for my hopes and aspirations. I was once laughed at an audition for panto once where I said I wanted to play Cinderella – but why not?! I want to be doing roles that you’d never expect a nerdy, geeky man to be doing. I’m here to mix things up, break down barriers and switch the game up.

What challenges are you going to slay?

Hopefully all of them! I put a lot of effort into looking beautiful, and I can sing, dance and act. And I’m a quadruple threat, as I am really good at sewing too. My mum’s a professional seamstress, and she’s taught me a few techniques, so should any design challenge that comes my way. I’m feeling confident. I’m pretty much confident in everything!

Also, I cope well in high pressure environments. Get the job done! That’s my motto for life.

Mr. Man

Are you nervous about anything?

Well actually, I’m nervous for Snatch Game. I don’t do celebrity impressions! I’m terrible at accents and I’m not very good at thinking on my feet, so I’m worried about challenges that involve improv. That could well be a recipe for disaster…

Would you say you are competitive?

I am the most competitive person I know. This isn’t a social experiment for me, this is a competition and I’m in it to win it! In my social life, I may be a bit of a wallflower, but in competition, I aim to be the best at everything I do!

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