Enter the butter churn

I’m all for shaking things up in the bedroom. Sure the doggie, the missionary and the cowboy are all fun – hey, all sex positions are basically fun, but there are some totally extra positions that you should definitely add to your sexresumé.

Say hello to the Butter Churn

Basically, this is an upside-down position for the btm, but it’s pretty easy to achieve.

The btm lies on his back and hoists his legs into the air, straight up, so the majority of his weight is on the top of his back and shoulders. While in this position it’s important you don’t move your head from side to side too much, as there will be a lot of pressure on the neck. To help firm up the position he can place his hands on his lower back, with his elbows pressed into the floor.

The top then enters from above, plunging his penis (the churner!?) into the hole (or butter jug in this scenario) and begins to churn!

This position is great if the top has quite a flexible penis as it will need to able to point downwards, whilst fully erect, which not every penis will be able to achieve. Yes, you can snap an erection, and trust me you really don’t want to do that. So it might be a bit trial and error.

Another great element is that if you’re a top and love feet you’ll have full access to his toes for you to suck on. Bonus point for you and him!

Whats the beef?

Now a word of warning for the btm… This position could potentially cause you to “beef”. That’s the butt version of a queef. A fart, but not an intestinal fart but a trapped air one. So as long as your both comfortable with that possibility, i.e you’re both capable adults who can shrug these things off, after all, it is an asshole, then you’ll be grand.

The threeway butter churn

The butterchurn sex position threeway

Now if you happen to be in a threeway situ, you can upgrade the butter churn to a double plunger churn! For those btms who are able to, or want to try the double penetration version.

The Btm lays on his back, with his butt in the air and his legs towards his chest or shoulders. Both Tops face away from each other, butts touching, whilst squatting over the Btm and straddling one of the Btm’s legs, creating a crisscross or the look of frog’s legs. Then pointing their dick’s down, enter the Btm. The fun thing about this position is that both Tops can control the trusting and slipping out is less of an issue.

And commence the butter churn… Either one at a time or both together! Just add cream 

Don’t forget lube is definitely your friend when it comes to all things anal sex.


Something new to try

Different angle, different view

New sensations for both top and btm

Mr. Man


Puts pressure on the btm’s neck

Could cause “beefing” for the btm

Top’s thighs will be burning like an MF, depending on heights it could be quite the thigh toning exercise.

Artwork Inspired by scenes from Lucas Entertainment

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