Drag Race’s Gothy Kendoll has OnlyFans and it’s pretty RACEY

How the hell did she tuck this!!!!?

UK Drag Queen Gothy Kendoll has joined the ranks of Drag Race queens who are stripping off to earn some hard-earned cash, by taking their clothes off…

And to be honest, honey, who can blame them. With gay bars and clubs shuttered across the globe thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, a queen needs to earn her wig money somehow.

So what can you expect from Gothy’s page? Well, there’s plenty of meat on show from what we’ve seen from the queen, who it seems has a rather large package (how does she tuck that MF!) although the jury is out on how much package you actually see or how XXX her page is gonna get.

Since launching her channel on the platform Gothy has become a top 6% creator. She’s got some thirsty fans out there!

Mr. Man

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