He was pinning his hopes on getting a presidential pardon from the 45th however, Joe Exotic is still, for now, locked up in prison.

Apparently Joe was so sure that he would get a pardon, he even booked himself a stretch limo to pick him up outside the prison where he currently resides.

According to Joe’s legal team they had been “100% confident” that he would be pardoned, however, the pardon never materialised.

From his prison cell, Joe said, “As I sit here and pray waiting that I am on that list, I ask my group of Angels to please help God guide this to happen. I am going to help so many children fix their faces and stand up for those with no voice. God will be proud”.

Mr. Man

Joe is serving a 22-year sentence in Texas. He was convicted of trying to hire an assassin to kill Don Lewis, the spouse (presumed dead) of rival big cat keeper, Carole Baskin.

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